CannX 2018, Tel Aviv - Agenda


Plenary sessions:

  • News about Local and Global Regulations
    Export-Import Policies: How can we encourage international trade when policies differs between countries?

  • Medical Cannabis: Medicine, Law and Ethics

  • Ways to Break Through Blocked Clinical Trials
    Who Should Pay for Clinical Research? Governments? Medical Centers? The Pharmaceutical Industry? Private Investors?

  • One-on-One: 2 Leading Researchers in Conversation on the Future of Medical Cannabis



Innovations in Science and Medicine


New Technologies, New Opportunities


Advanced Agriculture and Production

The Latest in Medical Cannabis Research

Important partners -compound mapping

What's new in Technologies for administrating Medical Cannabis

  • New forms of cannabis products
  • Innovative ways of delivery  Vaporizers
  • New cannabis based technologies from Israel and around the world

Recent trends in Cannabis Cultivation

  • Cultivation facilities
  • Grow media
  • Technologies: Dehumidifier, Lightning, Irrigation


  • Medical benefits for different indications
  • Achieving balance: How to find and adjust the correct dose

How and where should you invest in Cannabis?



Post-Harvest  - the key to success

  • Drying flower
  • Trimming cannabis
  • Curing : Maturation, aging, mold
  • Storage & Packaging

The Opioid Epidemic -  Cannabis Vs. Opioids:  what is the right choice?

  • Systematic Review Efficacy of Cannabis-Based Medicines for Pain Management
  • Cannabis  -  The ultimate rehabilitation treatment

Will Hemp Industry take over?

  • Local and global Economic overview: USA, Europe,  latin  America, And Israel
  • Regulations Potential Revenues from Hemp and cbd

Plant Safety

  • Viruses Cannabis

  • Molds treatment

  • Biological pesticide

The Brain - a new target for marijuana:

Different studies on the brain's reward system

From Farm to Patient - 360 solutions

  • Personalized application of cannabis medicine - B2C – The challenges faced by pharmacies in meeting with the patient
  • B2B – Storage, transport, security  solutions

Quality control
Cannabis Testing, and Analytics

  • Regulation

  • Cost

  • Efficiency

  • Reliability

Quality assessments of cannabis products
Methods and technologies –workshop – work shop

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